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Help With Rent And Security Deposit

LouM started this conversation

I am in need of some emergencey help for a place to live for me and my daughter. We are currently homeless and staying with anyone who will let us stay a night or 2. I am on disability and have found an apartment I can afford but need funding for the deposit and first months rent.

                                                                                 Thank You Lou

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littlelacie   in reply to bo08061963
Oh my goodness! Did not realize it was that long of a wait. One other thing you could try,get on internet,type in needhelppayingbills,your city,county,state. you will then see a list of resources in your area that may be able to help. Some resources will help with rent deposit and first month, if they got the funds. Also you can apply for section 8 in more than one county,maybe you can find a county that does not have such a long list ahead of you,if you can figure out which other county would work out ok for youall to move there,if it would be any quicker.
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bo08061963   in reply to littlelacie
They are not taking any one for 5-7 years we are on list but we are #372 for housing
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littlelacie   in reply to bo08061963
the lady you posted to has not been back on this site since 2005. LouM is a 64 year old disabled lady that came on here in 2005 to get help, not to give help,wanted to let you know she probably will not be answering you.The only housing we know of is Section 8,you apply for it at DHS office.
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We are in need of a place to live. It is me my partner rosie our granddaughter and her partner also our small quiet dog in tampa area just started new job and my partner is on disability. If someone out there can help us it would be greatly appreciated.
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I am in need of a place foryself and a friend who has three little boys . We are being evicted on the 15 and have no where to go
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Joannasequichie   in reply to jarleel0610
Where is it located
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I am soon to be homeless. Am on Disibility. Have no money
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mamagirl   in reply to jarleel0610
were is this house located I have a friend who is homeless

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littlelacie   in reply to jarleel0610
Lou is a 64 year old disabled lady,she has not been back on this site since she posted in 2005, just letting you know so you can find someone else to fix your house.
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jarleel0610   in reply to jarleel0610
it is in Oviedo fl 32765
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i have a house that needs some work done on it if you can do the work on it you can have it an rent it for $450 per mo.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to poocher60
Hi Loum not been on here sents 2005
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OWINGS MILLS, MD 21117-4200
NEW YORK, NY 10017-2703
PO BOX 269014
PLANO, TX 75026-9014
NEW YORK, NY 10075-0342
this takes time but billions I am contacting 4 assistance
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Jazzy12   in reply to Be honest
Illegal aliens?!??
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littlelacie   in reply to Be honest
hi,maybe you are thinking of someone else. Lou is a 64 year old disabled lady that lives in Ohio, and is unable to wash cars.
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Be honest
In California is all kind of help for illegal aliens. Maybe there is some help for you too.We have Bank Foods, if you need food and go to Social Security for everything else. There are shelters, and so on. Seems to me you need a temporary help, because you are physically strong to go to wotk. You can wash cars
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KaraMe   in reply to homeless&furless
I know this sounds like "whatever"have you tried local shelters they will help you get houising you just have to do the leg work. I done this years ago when all my boys were young i know section 8 vochers will help just until you can get a leg up and they feed you
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homeless&furless   in reply to daytonadale
Good luck to u I just had to give up my babies my 90lb Pitt,my 8lb Maltese & my 10yr old son. my fiancé and I are sleeping in a church as we speak. Totally heart wrenching. We've been battling this struggle since September staying in Motels that'd except my dogs needless to say we ran out ta money and still can't find a place for all of us. I'm so worried I will never see them again...:"(
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hello, my names cj I'm a 47 year old male with a 7 year old white husky fixed and friendly,i live in the Milwaukee WI. area and the place I'm renting can't be used as a residence due to local laws, the building is a 40x80 warehouse with a huge apt. like inside. well to make a long story short,i have to leave here by mar. 31st. and this winter has been extremely hard on me as to i am a mobile mechanic, the hard part is finding a decent place i can afford and keep my husky, he was a rescue dog and i am the fourth owner and i have had him for 4 years now, i could not bear to give him up,he is a part of my family. any ideas please advise,thank you to each who can help.i'm not looking for a handout out, but a helping hand up would be nice, i can trade my services for rent also. as for the amount i can afford is right around $500 a month total. but i also need a garage to store my stuff and to protect my tools in my truck, people will steal anything nowadays,and those tools are my life. again thank you.
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littlelacie   in reply to goodlife
hi,are you looking for 1 bedroom. do you want house or apartment? do you need wheelchair access. so I will know what to look for, thanks.
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