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Help With Rent And Security Deposit

LouM started this conversation

I am in need of some emergencey help for a place to live for me and my daughter. We are currently homeless and staying with anyone who will let us stay a night or 2. I am on disability and have found an apartment I can afford but need funding for the deposit and first months rent.

                                                                                 Thank You Lou

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Tracy Skinner
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littlelacie   in reply to ButterflyLaura30
LouM is an elderly disabled lady, she came to this site asking for help with rent and security deposit, not offering it to other people. Please keep checking around.Thanks.
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Hey I'm Laura Arnett And my old man John Ledford and our services dogs are looking for a place to live, we are staying at River City Inn in Jacksonville Florida. We're running out of money. For a week staying here is 338 .please help us
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My family and I are currently homeless myself my husband and our two yr. Old son we are from Denver co. And tonight we will be on the street I can't find a single place to go or family that can help please if you are from this area and are in the position to help please...
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littlelacie   in reply to Trying to keep my family toget
LouM is a disabled elderly lady, she is not able to give anyone money. Please check around elsewhere. she asked for help with rent and deposit when she came on this site. She has never advertised that she could give anyone money. Thanks.
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Trying to keep my family toget
I was living in my Grandfather's house after he passed try to keep the house but my family didn't want to help,so lost the house to foreclosure they sold the property lost everything since im working moved my family of four to a hotel rooms was supposed to temporary but this has been three months now and I truly need help with move in or affordable rent need something asap my family depending on it just hope God helps fast trying to be in a place by time school starts back for my 6year old .thanks for any help thanks....
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final   in reply to rentfree2
Hi I'm looking for a place to stay asap.. We are a couple that need a good start in life we both clean in fix up house. We move from Florida to Atlanta to get. A head in life in fall in to a situation that I pray not to be in again please help us. Again there two of us male and female now in days people only help one or the other please help us.
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Dawny75   in reply to rentfree2
Plz let me know asap
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Dawny75   in reply to rentfree2
Where are you located??
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littlelacie   in reply to Dawnz
Hi,Lou is a disabled senior citizen, she is unable to help you or give you money,sorry.
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sonshinesas   in reply to Dawnz
Renters insurance? How about the landlords insurance?
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Hello my name is Dawn and two weeks ago my roommate ,s house caught on fire and the house along with my room and all belongings are a total loss. I am in Phoenix, Arizona and now have no home. I am very able to fix up and do handing woman jobs with any house or apartment. I can do tile, have been taught well please help

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woman in a shoe   in reply to Gabbsnmama
Hi just seen your message to rentfree2 that message was put up back in april so most likely it been tooken now just letting u know.
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Gabbsnmama   in reply to rentfree2
I'll do it I'm homeless..I can fix anything up
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Gabbsnmama   in reply to rentfree2
I'll take it!! Please I can fix anything up!!!
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Mvelase   in reply to Pari82
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Pari82   in reply to wildbill47
I have a daughter and I live in Florida but i'm looking to relocate. What are your mom's needs?? I will be more than happy to help out as long as I have a safe comfortable place to live in with my daughter, she's 10...
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littlelacie   in reply to Crazy Big Italian Mouth
Hi guys- Lou is a senior citizen in Ohio and in no way she can help you-has not been on here for 11 years.Please try to figure out some other help. She is 66 years old and is disabled.
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Crazy Big Italian Mouth
Alright Folks out there: Kenneth and I and also two pet inside cats are planning to Move to Wyoming and we are/or will be Temp. Homeless and We need a place to stay that is cheap, because we are low income from SSDI so if you know where we can live with two inside cats; Please help us-ok. We want to buy a cheap home with farm land up in the Northern part of Wyoming State-help please. I am 46 years old, I am disabled and My Marine Corp Veteran Disabled Husband is 56 years old with a bad back. Sincerely, ... God Bless all of you.
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Nyny1   in reply to rentfree2
Im looking a place to live it my child an me. I need somewhere asap. Where is the place at
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