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Help With Rent And Security Deposit

LouM started this conversation

I am in need of some emergencey help for a place to live for me and my daughter. We are currently homeless and staying with anyone who will let us stay a night or 2. I am on disability and have found an apartment I can afford but need funding for the deposit and first months rent.

                                                                                 Thank You Lou

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long5   in reply to sophie2014
Hi sophie my name is Tania and im 24years old in 4month pregnant and have no income no place to go can you please help me look for a place please
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sophie2014   in reply to Lala6
What state and area are you staying?
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Hi I am a young lady needing help I have no where to live my mom was incarcerated and we lost our place. My mom is not working and she is living with a friend that has only one room not enough for me I work part time and sleep from house to house. I am also in school currently trying to get back in TCC to get my associates degree. Please help
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I am a single mother on disability one daughter but my daughters father was killed in a car accident a few years ago I am struggling to get on my feet I also have a two year old grandson that I am taking care of...were in need of a place to stay because I Iost my apartment and now were living with family temporarly I do have monthly income and I can afford to pay some rent if you can help my family I will be forever grateful...I pray daily for a place of our own ...God Bless
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jamaal23   in reply to want better
I can help if u want
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jamaal23   in reply to murrietagurl
If u need help maybe I can help u 25/black male jamaal
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want better   in reply to woman in a shoe
19 yr old. mother moved out of state and father dead. attending community here and there with friends> need a place to stay. I am homeless
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Solana
Hi poppyday13 has not been on here sent the end of June I am one of her friends. We can only give u information where u mite get help. For as a car goes there no help for car repair and there no place that gives away a free car. For rent call 211 I don't know if u got to give your city and state are your zip code tell them what u.need help with have pen and paper when u call
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AshK88   in reply to Solana
I know how you feel. It's like you're stuck in your own life with nowhere to go. I hope everything works out for you. And I'm sorry that you are going through a rough time.
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Solana   in reply to Poppyday13
There is no help available, or no immediate help anyway, for those who are not in the above-listed categories. I'm just a single woman of 60 who lost a job a month ago. I had been apartment hunting when it happened, and my credit is bad after a bankruptcy that was discharged last fall.

The only place that would rent to me was a young woman in a condo who does not know I'm unemployed. I'm also trying to build an online business, but it will take a while, obviously, before I make a living from it. She's also charging me first and last to move in, which I do not have. I have to be out of here Aug. 28 at the latest. I have no one to turn to for help. Oh, and my car is on its last legs. I was already told the waiting lists for help are very long, and that goes for shelter space, too.

I'm in Bucks County, PA.
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Chan2262   in reply to woman in a shoe
OK I have tried to sign up for every program I can. I live in Kissimmee, Florida which is in Osceola County and not far from Orange County . And I'm getting Foodstamps. However here in Kissimmee and Orlando Florida there is a very long waiting list to even be able to get on the waiting list. And there isn't any funds to get help. And the couple of programs we do have, I don't have enough income for them. And all the shelters are full as well!! I honestly don't know what else to do anymore, I don't have any family and no one I can turn to. My kids are suppose to start school on Monday and I don't have anything for them, I don't even know what school they are gonna go to because everyday I don't know where we are going to be!!!!!! I'm sooooooo worried!!!! Also we have lost pretty much all of our belongings during all of this we are going through. Our schools require uniforms as well!! Which of course we don't have. Well anything u could tell me about, I really appreciate. Thank you. Just so you know my kids are: 15yr girl, 10yr boy, and 5yr boy.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Chan2262
Sign up for low income housing u can sign up in more than one county. Also sign up for welfare if your kids are 4 and under sign up for wic. Also please give me your city state county I will look and see what I can fine for u. If anything. All we can do is give u information where u mite get help
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Chan2262   in reply to woman in a shoe
Hi I was wondering if you knew of any kind of help cause I'm homeless with 3 kids that have disabilities, i have been trying everything and everywhere and I can't get any help. All shelters r full.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to murrietagurl
U welcome
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murrietagurl   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thanks I appreciate you letting me know
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woman in a shoe   in reply to murrietagurl
We'll u can sign up for food stamps at the welfare. U can go to the shelter. And they can help u a lot that the only thing I know right now
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murrietagurl   in reply to woman in a shoe
Honestly I don't know I've never been in this type of I've always been able to provide and now I can't I know my family is sick of me but I can't find work and I don't think I should stay here anymore so I'm looking for a way out but I don't know what type of maybe public assistance is available to me
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woman in a shoe   in reply to murrietagurl
What kind of resources do u need
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murrietagurl   in reply to woman in a shoe
Yea I'm looking for resources that are available to me
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woman in a shoe   in reply to murrietagurl
The person u posted to not been on here for 9 years now. The only thing I can tell u go to a shelter
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