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Help With Rent And Security Deposit

LouM started this conversation

I am in need of some emergencey help for a place to live for me and my daughter. We are currently homeless and staying with anyone who will let us stay a night or 2. I am on disability and have found an apartment I can afford but need funding for the deposit and first months rent.

                                                                                 Thank You Lou

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tryinnique   in reply to poocher60
no more section 8 availible
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tryinnique   in reply to jarleel0610
where is your location
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tryinnique   in reply to poocher60
I live in CHARLOTTE NC with my husband and cant seem to find the right people or place charlotte people act like the homeless is a plague and are really refusing to help. This city is so sad to live in. If u all want a future do not come to charlotte and never go to the urban ministry they will get money for you and keep it for them selves the city needs to look into where that money is going for REAL
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momma janice   in reply to woman in a shoe
How do I find out about the places you are talking about?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to jessica e
Hi all we can do is give u information where u mite get up. This is for back rent lights gas water and deposits for a place. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will see a list of places that can help if they got the funds.
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jessica e   in reply to jarleel0610
Can someone help me I am evicted with 4 kids n a boyfriend n can't find a place nowhere prob cause we don't make enough n bout to b homeless next week
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homlessandscared   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thank you for the info I started a go fund me page would yoy please pass it around Thank you so much.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to homlessandscared
Hi the person u posted to not been on here sents april. There is places that will pay first month rent and deposits for u if they got the funds. Type need need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will see a list of places. Also sign up for low income housing u can sign up in more than one county. Type low income housing city state and sign up.
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homlessandscared   in reply to jarleel0610
Hi was just trying to find some place for me and my children. I have 13 yeat old twins and we are homeless I am able to work and would be interested in your home I can do the work I used to work for my uncle remodling houses. I just need a place to go for me and my kids any help will do.
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niceguy1972   in reply to GERMEKA
What part of the state u live in I could tryto help u I live in Tennessee
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littlelacie   in reply to ashlocktrystin
Are you able to work? it will be easier to save with two incomes,and you can save up for a home.
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my husband works but it's hard and long process to save money. I have 3 kids so it's even harder to save we are currently bouncing from place to place I desperately need a ho.e for my family
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littlelacie   in reply to Big T2
Lou is a 64 year old disabled lady that lives in an eastern state. She has not been on this site since 2005. Maybe you're thinking of someone else.
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KristalM72   in reply to Big T2
Mesa az
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Big T2
What city do you live in?
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poocher60   in reply to Scoobysnack
Go to your local DHS office, the place you get food stamps and ask for the local housing office, get on the list immediately for section 8 housing, there is always a waitlist. It may take time. Also local churches give food away once a week, be there early it goes fast. Good luck.
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poocher60   in reply to Scoobysnack
First, you go to your local DHS office, the place where you get food stamps and ask for info about the local Housing Works Authority, each state has a different name and different times of year for funding and help. Second get on the section 8 housing list immediately, always has a wait list. It is hard for a lot of people now, good luck.

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SisterServant   in reply to Scoobysnack

I am a living witness. If you begin to thank Jesus everyday for whatever you have (even if it is nothing but fresh air, water and sunshine or rain), He will help you. Most of the time we are so afraid that all we do is beg and cry. I have done plenty of that, and it took me a long time to learn what real gratitude and trust in God means. Just keeping thanking him Everyday for large or small things and then tell Him what you need (even though you cannot see it or how any idea how He will do what He will do. We cannot figure out how God will do what He will do, but He will surely come through. It might not be exactly in the form that you expect, but what you need will be provided.

He will bless you. Talk to him everyday no matter how bad things seem to be. We have to let God know that we trust Him in our darkest hour.

Thank you so much for writing and feel free to write again here or on the private one to one page.

I will join you in praying that God meets your needs. In Jesus' name.
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Scoobysnack   in reply to SisterServant
Hi sisterservant I was reading some of the stuff you wrote and it was as if you were speaking to me because I m going threw some stuff but I still give GOD thanks for waking me up every morning and I thank him for our new place even thoe I don't see it, I Believe That he is gonna Bless me so much that I will be able to help those in need in Jesus name I pray Amen

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Scoobysnack   in reply to KaraMe
Hi as for the shelters you have to be register end call every dy witch I do been doing for the pass 6 month and every time I call they say the same thing they don't have a place for my size family still need a place homestead Fl
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