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Help With Rent And Security Deposit

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nancy12759   in reply to gentlehands
I don't know aboug that gentlrhands because me and my daughtef has our belongings and we do not want to lose what we have its all we have. Thank you
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trivalwoodard   in reply to lamel74
did yall ever find any help

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We have no money no place to stay its the three of us I just turned 18
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Hi me and my parents are in need of a place to stay we are in the Middletown ny area and will be homeless come aug 1
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tiffyboo12   in reply to kristy0474
Yea i have checked with everybody I can think of
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kristy0474   in reply to tiffyboo12
Check with local churches
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Hi Lou. I to need to find a place to live for my daughter and myself and I am on disability. Have you had any luck on a place to live or any ideas?
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gentlehands   in reply to nancy12759
for now see if can stay at local woman's shelter
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tiffyboo12   in reply to woman in a shoe
Ok thanks
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woman in a shoe   in reply to tiffyboo12
I am sorry but I don't know any resource that pays for that. If I fine anything I will let u know
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tiffyboo12   in reply to woman in a shoe
Yea and i have no way to get there im started dont no what do..
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woman in a shoe   in reply to tiffyboo12
OK sorry I didn't know that
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can anybody help me im 6 weeks pregnant and homeless in Sacramento i'm trying to get to west Virginia were I can get help can some one help me please i'm so scared
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tiffyboo12   in reply to woman in a shoe
well see im homless in sacramento and 6 weeks pregnant, im trying to get to west Virginia where I will have help. but I have no money to get there
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woman in a shoe   in reply to tiffyboo12
The person u just posted to lives in Virginia
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tiffyboo12   in reply to cupcake4u
I was wondering do you still have that apartment. im homeless in sacramento and I am 6 weeks pregnant
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Hello I have a job, but need a place for my child and I to stay until I am able to get my credit in good standings. I went through a difficult time and trying hard to get back on my feet. I am willing to pay rent and utilities and would like to stay in the Genesee county in Michigan.
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alone 1234   in reply to cupcake4u
Hi Lynn not sure were your location is but I live in Berea ohio staying with a friend and cant stay long I am 8 months pregnant and I dont know what to do. The father of the baby wants nothing to do with the baby please help even if someone can be a co- signer for a apartment for me and my son that is on the way. Not looking for hand out just looking fo someone to help me till on my feet
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lamel74   in reply to cupcake4u
Hello is that a offer cuz me and my girlfriend are homeless
rite now walking the streets..and she is 4 months pregnant
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loverboy71   in reply to TEARA
hi where r u from
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