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Help With Rent And Security Deposit

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My fiancé and I are homeless don't have no place to go have to sleep or stay im 2 months pregnant my parents kick us out and no shelter or anyone want to help us out
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Missy cat
Hi this is only a info site. The person u posted to not been on here for years most likely u not going to here from her. But if u got bad credite it going to be heard to fine a place it not like it use to be the only thing i know to tell u call one of them cos that will get the bed bugs gone. There no cash on this site.
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Missy cat
I'm not homeless but where I live it's bed bug insect drug shooting gun no one should live in fear like this help me please and now my credit is not good that's why I'm where I'm at so I need someone to help me find somewhere to rent that will work with me give me a second chance I'm working on my credit right now with credit Innovation group thank you and be blessed
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Ramirezjohnny
Oh for got there places call renter ofice look on line and see if there one where u live at. I know where i live there a lot of them.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Ramirezjohnny
Hi just got done reading your message i will give u place to look for places to rent craigslist under places to rent also look in new papers or by word of mouth this is the only way i know how to find places to rent. Hope this can help u.
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littlelacie   in reply to Ramirezjohnny
Lou is an elderly lady, she is unable to give anyone any money. She came on Aidpage 10 years ago, asking for help, not offering help. Please keep looking.
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I'm a single dad just got my son after 8 years and he is having depression. Issues im trying to find us a place but right now its so hard having to move around and keep him in school. And therapy if thare is anyone who can help me find a place cset is helping with the first and last months rent please i need. Help trying to get it togeather thank you
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tarnigrade   in reply to littlelacie
yes I did and its a bunch of random places, rooms for rent.but i've got some irons in the fire. the thing that is stressing me out the most is how im going to come up withthe money to move. I know we can find a place but that dont mean s#*$ if I dont have the cash. on top of it all my pacer keeps zaping me an it makes it hard to function,their going to try an fix it agin in the morning, so yeah life is great. hope your doing alright, im done
, be back at it tomorrow, good night...
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littlelacie   in reply to tarnigrade
you are very welcome.did you check craigslist.
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tarnigrade   in reply to littlelacie
im checking any posseble resource. you know that old saying the more people you know, the more people you dont know. i just made it up but it kinda makes sence, thanks littlelacie
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littlelacie   in reply to tarnigrade
LouM is a disabled elderly lady that is not able to help anyone, she came on here 11 years ago needing help with rent and deposit herself, she never offered help to anyone else. Please keep checking around for other possible resources,thanks.
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2 days ago there wa a note on my door telling me my lease is being terminated for this DUII I got over a year ago and it wasent even a feloney, but rules change, seems like they do just in my case.anyway I have till the end of the month to find a place with our bad credit and now i guess my criminal history. I took care of all that,I paied my debt to society but i guess thats not enoughtheir kicking me out on the street. the thing is I've never been late on rent, I keep to myself, but the pastcouple years they have made me get rid of everything that made me feel confortable living here, and raised my rent 300$ in two years. we have lived here forlike9 years and have put up with all sorts of hell, but I never complained. anyway, I truely need help finding a place to live then we're going to have tocome up with first, last, and security. Im on disability, but my wife works around 30 hours a week, and my doughter is going to collage so hopefully she will a better life. we really need a merical, if I cant find a place to live and find myself living on the street,I cant do it, I have many typs of heart dease and failures I will probably just end my life. I try to be a good person, but people make mistakes. I am a good person with a whole lot of problems. i dont want to pay rent this month so we can use it to move but they will find a way to make it harder. I am in need of some help, so if anybody cares, I would be 100% in your debt. thanks, and if anyone reads this I can on. Im just woundering what the lord has in store for my future which I've been told my not be very long. thakns for the opertuinity to air some things out in text. God loves everyone and he has a plan for us all, god will bless you, we all need to pay it forward. thank you
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Tracy Skinner
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littlelacie   in reply to ButterflyLaura30
LouM is an elderly disabled lady, she came to this site asking for help with rent and security deposit, not offering it to other people. Please keep checking around.Thanks.
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Hey I'm Laura Arnett And my old man John Ledford and our services dogs are looking for a place to live, we are staying at River City Inn in Jacksonville Florida. We're running out of money. For a week staying here is 338 .please help us
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My family and I are currently homeless myself my husband and our two yr. Old son we are from Denver co. And tonight we will be on the street I can't find a single place to go or family that can help please if you are from this area and are in the position to help please...
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littlelacie   in reply to Trying to keep my family toget
LouM is a disabled elderly lady, she is not able to give anyone money. Please check around elsewhere. she asked for help with rent and deposit when she came on this site. She has never advertised that she could give anyone money. Thanks.
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Trying to keep my family toget
I was living in my Grandfather's house after he passed try to keep the house but my family didn't want to help,so lost the house to foreclosure they sold the property lost everything since im working moved my family of four to a hotel rooms was supposed to temporary but this has been three months now and I truly need help with move in or affordable rent need something asap my family depending on it just hope God helps fast trying to be in a place by time school starts back for my 6year old .thanks for any help thanks....
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