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Help With Rent And Security Deposit

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ajo   in reply to Thompson T
I need help for a place to live with my two daughters,they school here in dansoman so will be glad to have a home around not far from their school
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Thompson T
I really need help me nd my three kids are from house to house i have a 4yr old a 2yr old and a 3month old
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Chocolate 1   in reply to Ms.Tiny08
Please ... email me some one I no can help
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Hi me an my fiance are on the verge of being homeless I got kicked out of my place I still have a job but I'm on fmla right now cause I am sick we need a place to stay right now somone plz help
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lexlex23   in reply to Ms.Tiny08
where are you located?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Ms.Tiny08
Hi Ms. Tiny08 this is only a info site most likely u not going to find anyone on here that libes in your city. I have been on here sent 2013 not found no one in my city.
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Kittypryde1517   in reply to Ms.Tiny08
What area
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Ms.Tiny08   in reply to Ms.Tiny08
I need a roommate some one who can put the apartment in there name & we half everything. I have 2 jobs
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Hi, I'm in need of a place to live. I have funds
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Kalea   in reply to Kalea
We don't want to be here we need help getting into a place
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Well I have 7 kids and me we need help we don't have no were to go
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Need help bad
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Gypsi
Hi this is only a info site the person u posted to not been on here for a long time for housing look on line under housing look in the new papers by word of mouth check craiglist under housing u can sign up for low income housing u can sign up in more than one county.Hope this can help u
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I am a terminally I'll homeless woman in desperate need of shelter until I can get housing. I just received s.s. in the amount of $700 a month. I have enough back pay to pay 1rst,last and security dep. Please call me asap ...
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Helpless18
Hi this is only a info site littlelacie not been on here for a few months right now all I can tell u to do is try and get in a shelter after that go sign up for welfare if baby newborn to five go sign up for wic. Now there or places that can help with first month rent and dept if they got the funds just because they don't have the funds today don't mean they want have it next week. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put courty state u see a list of places that can help if they got the funds. Also call church s and see which one have a clothes closet u can get u and the baby free cloths there.
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Sat91   in reply to Helpless18
Where do you live?
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Helpless18   in reply to littlelacie
Help, I have a one year old and have nowhere to live. My boyfriends mother put us out last night and we have nowhere to go and have nothing. If anyone can please help us, thank you
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Lady bee
Looking don't have money to rent a place got to get out of my daughter and her place by the end of the month..
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Looking for place to live. I am on workers comp and my so call husband told me yo move out.
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My fiancé and I are homeless don't have no place to go have to sleep or stay im 2 months pregnant my parents kick us out and no shelter or anyone want to help us out
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