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Help With Rent And Security Deposit

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Woman in the shoe 2   in reply to Myiah pooh
Hi I only come on here ever other month. Look under this message you will see what to type I posted it to another lady. Hope everything works out for you.
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Myiah pooh
I have 7 kids that is in foster care untill I find a safe and stable place for my kids is thair any agency's that can help me out
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Hi My brother and I got evicted from our apartment only becuz the lease was up. Then our car got taken. Anything helps
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God pray for me
I'm in need of a place to stay me and my two year old daughter is staying house to house I don't get Food stamps or other I been taking care of her sent I had her I don't have a job I trying to get in college but don't have a stable address ..IN NEED HELP PLEASE!!!
Talk to God pray for me
Im in need of place stay landlord tryin throw out and i have no where to go .hes just saying i have to go he hasnt gave me any writin notice ..I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!
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Baase   in reply to Miss89
Are you willing to help me out
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Baase   in reply to Kennn
I am in Port Richey FL
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What I mean is I am living with a friend that took advantage of me and kicking me out I have to out by morning

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Baase   in reply to Jselmon1
My name is Shane I have a job but I don't have the money for two weeks need help can you help I'm in Port Richey

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Jselmon1   in reply to Vw
Hey where are you located.i stay in Gautier and have a two bedroom apartment
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Vw   in reply to Kennn
I have money for a downpayment. I've been staying in a hotel for a month. My credit is like so horrible right now because of some things that went on but I have the income. I work I relocated and now I need some help I so need to get out of this hotel. There is two kids with me. My credit my issue.
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Cesar.Breeze98   in reply to Chocolate 1
can you help me?
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i am 19 years old not onany type of drugs or alcohol and need a place to stay ether just tonight or a little longer, i have a place i will be stable in on the 6 or 7th of january but as of right now i need help and am running out of options. i am in Visalia California please if anyone out there has the resources or the ability to help me id be so happy
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I need help finding my uncle a place to live he is disabled and no where to live he is staying with us sleeping on the floor because we have no room for him I need help please
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Kennn   in reply to Gypsi
I can help
What is your info?
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Kennn   in reply to Ms.Tiny08
I can help
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Kennn   in reply to Lady bee
Hi lady Bee.
I have a room available if you are interested
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Catfish93   in reply to littlelacie
You said 11 years then 12 years then 10 the same year. Which one is the truth?
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I need a place to live I will keep u kids are dogs for a room to live I got a dog...
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Miss89   in reply to Miss89
Me an my kids are currently homelessness
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